Dress trend to try: lace illusion embellishments

Lace can add feminine charm to any dress and the illusion design can make you appear slimmer. If you wish to look slim and feminine, try dresses with chic lace illusion embellishments. Whether you are a bride-to-be, bridesmaid or wedding guest, you can try the lace illusion trend at the wedding party this year!

Lace illusion back wedding gown

Wedding dresses, as beautiful as they are, have been quite predictable in the past. Fortunately, those days are over. Designers have thrown out cookie cutter designs for wedding dresses with modern flair. Although lace has always been a staple fabric for bridal dresses, designers are taking it to a modern level this season. Designers took advantage of the part of the bridal gown that is mostly seen during a wedding ceremony — the back. Wedding dresses with open, illusion and embellished backs are a big trend this season. Gowns with open illusion backs and delicate embellishments are sure to keep all eyes on the bride.

lace wedding dress uk

Lace illusion neckline bridesmaid gown

Illusion necklines provide some coverage but do not completely conceal the decolletage as an opaque fabric would. Illusion necklines have been huge on wedding gown runways for a while now and they’re becoming increasingly popular as bridesmaid styles. We like to think of illusion necklines as strapless with a bit more coverage. Illusion neckline bridesmaid dresses are easy to wear and are flattering on most body types. The illusion details will definitely add some classic and elegant feeling to your bridesmaids.

lace bridesmaid dress uk

Illusion lace sleeve party gown

Many women think that the long sleeve party gown will make them appear less feminine and less elegant at the party. So they would not consider long sleeve gowns when they are shopping for the party gown. However, things are different if you choose an illusion lace sleeve gown. Long illusion lace sleeve is a fitted “illusion sleeve” that goes down to the wrist. This transparent style is a popular choice when you don’t want to show too much bared skin, but still wish to look feminine and charming. View tons of new party gowns at www.lunadress.co.uk/party-cocktail-dresses-c339/.

lace party gown uk

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Ways On How To Choose A Proper Bridesmaid Dress

Bridesmaid is a very important supporting role in a wedding. Dressing properly as a bridesmaid is very important. If you do not know how to choose a proper bridesmaid dress for your bridesmaid, here are some precautions on choosing bridesmaid dresses.

As a bridesmaid, you must notice that your dress should not be too casual or too formal. You can add some fashion elements to the dress in some dress details. For example, you can choose a fashion lace jacket to match with your dress. What’s more, you dress should not be too short or too long. The bridesmaid dress should not be decorated with too much flowers, sequins and beading. Simple and elegant bridesmaid dresses are right choices. Always remember not to grab the bride’s thunder

About the dress colors, pink is a very good choice. Too bright pink makes you appear not prudent. The bridesmaids are not little children that can just play in wedding, you should appear mature and prudent. To add a romantic temperament, you can use fabrics like satin. Lively yellow is also a very good choice, chiffon and tulle are very good fabrics if you choose yellow as the main color of the bridesmaid dress. If you want to appear vividly and lively, you can add white to your dress. For example, you use two layers of white and yellow chiffon or add a white stole for your yellow dress. Fresh green is very suit for a spring wedding, you can use light green widely on your dress.

Purple Bridesmaid Dress By Lunadress

You’d better not wear any headdress. Bright lipsticks are not suit for bridesmaid, you’d better choose nude colors. If you want to wear jewelry, do not wear very eye-catching jewelry. In a word, you should appear plain and simple.

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