Party fashion: What to wear with a party dress in winter

It’s party season now! Keeping warm and stylish on the party is the dream of all people. While men wear suits, ladies almost always wear a dress. If you wish to keep warm and cozy, you need to wear something warm like a coat or wrap over your stunning party dress. Many women are afraid that the outerwear would hide their beautiful party dress and will reduce their charm. Many fantastic dresses have been ruined by outerwear choices: lousy cardigans, too-casual jackets, pashminas. Here are some ideas for you if you don’t know what to wear with your dress.

Many formal gowns or dresses are strapless or include narrow straps that provide little coverage for the wearer’s shoulders, arms, and neck. Fur or faux fur wraps are an excellent way to turn a strapless formal gown into an ideal winter gown. Fur warms the neck and shoulders and gives an air of luxury to an entire ensemble. Furs typically come in shades of gray, black, brown, or white. These colors go well with many colors and styles of strapless gowns.


If you will not be spending much time outside, opt for a cashmere wrap instead of a traditional winter coat. When wrapped around the upper body, they provide warmth, yet their short length allows your cocktail dress to remain the center of attention. If your dress is a bold color, choose a neutral-colored wrap. However, if your dress is a neutral color, select a cashmere wrap in a vibrant color. View tons of 2015 party dresses at


A warm coat would be your first choice if you are going to stay long in chilly air. You may consider wearing a retro A–line coat. Taylor Swift showed us how to wear coat with dress perfectly. Her pure white woolen coat flattered well with her stunning gold party dress. The coat acted as the as the perfect blank canvas for the luxury party gown.

Taylor Swift

A tux style jacket is versatile enough to throw on over a fancy dress, and you can get extra mileage out of it by wearing it with slim black cigarette pants and simple black heels. The tailored piece keeps the look feeling chic and polished, while offering a modern take on Yves Saint Laurent’s Le Smoking look. Traditional black is the best investment as it’s the easiest to wear with many colors.



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Color to try in this fall: teal

You will never feel bored with the teal color. Recently, teal is becoming more and more popular. We can see teal shades are widely used in home designs and wedding colors. If you wish to stand out in this year’s party season, I would strongly recommend you the charming teal dresses.

Who can wear teal?

Teal is the opposite of pink on the color wheel so it tends to flatter the healthy pinkish flush in your cheeks! Not only is teal great at hiding any imperfections it’s also the sort of color that really flatters most skin tones. Indian Teal’s balance of cool and warm tones make it a great color for different skin tones, especially where emerald green or royal blues can be too overpowering.

teal bridesmaid dress

Why choose teal dresses?

Few colors can claim they complement other shades while standing equally strong on their own, but teal is one such hue. A stunning combination of blue and green, teal is seen in both fall and spring fashions and works well with everything from understated neutrals to bold bright colors.

teal prom dress

What to Wear with Teal?

Teal clothes and accessories are easier to match than it looks, but it’s important not to overdo the color. Teal is currently part of the fall fashion color trend although it can be worn in any season. Teal’s green-blue hue has an uncanny ability to function as a type of neutral when paired with bold, bright colors. Gold adds warmth and richness to teal pieces, while silver, graphite and pewter bring out the color’s blue tones. An easy way to remember what the basic, wearable teal-matching colors are is by getting into the Thanksgiving holiday mentality. The holiday is copious with brown, orange and yellow hues that match wonderfully well with teal.

teal long prom dress

The color teal is such often associated with being refreshing and sophisticated. Are you looking for a teal formal dress? Well, you will find a teal prom dress, teal bridesmaid dress, teal cocktail dress, plus size teal dress, short teal dress, or teal mother of the bride groom dress at LunaDress.

Most Impressive Celebrity Vintage Red Carpet Moments

When you want to win, wear vintage. Celebrities always step foot in the most stunning dresses when they make their entrance to big events like premiere or awards show. In recent years, more and more female stars tend to wear vintage dresses on the red carpet to attract the attention of the photographers. In this post, I would share some stunning vintage red carpet looks with you.

Kristin Davis is definitely a vintage dress lover. In 2010, chose vintage dresses in her five debuts during the propaganda of the film “Sex and the City 2”. The most famous dress was the pink Jean Desses 1950s vintage dress. The bright pink strapless dress with ruching design made Kristin look both sweet and elegant. On the celebration party after the New York premiere, she caught the attention of all the people with a shiny Pierre Balmain silver knee length dress. As she maintained a good relationship with the Los Angeles high-end antique shop Decades Inc., all of her dresses she chose during the propaganda of “Sex and the City 2” were provided by the Decades. When she moved on to London, she chose a gold Norman Norell dress with luxury sequins. Cameron Silver, the founder of Decades Inc. once said that all the vintage clothes in his store were the principle of “first come, first served”, but Kristin Davis always ranked first.

Kristin Davis in Vintage Dresses

September 2007, Kate Moss attended the “The Golden Age of Couture Gala” which was held in V&A Museum in London. She debuted in a vintage Christian Dior cream colored floor length dress. And Kate modified this dress to a mini dress for the ball later. This modified dress was bought by someone at £ 600 in a charity auction.

kate moss

Victoria Beckham is always the focus of people every time she appeared. She attended the 2008 Met Ball in a white lace dress. She looked really sexy in this sheer lace high slit dress. This dress came from the Giorgio Armani Haute Couture Fall 1989.

Victoria Beckham

In 2009, Penelope Cruz was nominated as the best supporting actress for her excellent performance in the film “Vicky Cristina Barcelona” at the 81 Annual Academy Awards. She appeared on the red carpet with a vintage Pierre Balmain cream-colored lace dress, really gorgeous.

Penelope Cruz

Natalie Portman attended the 84th Annual Academy Awards with a black Polka Dot red evening dress. She looked really elegant in this long Christian Dior 1950s dress. Her vintage hairstyle echoed well with this eye-catching vintage dress.

Natalie Portman

Anne Hathaway chose a Valentino 1994 haute couture dress when she attended the 2013 Met Ball. Her cool silver hair and the black dress echoed perfectly with the ball theme “punk”.

Anne Hathaway

July 2003, Cate Blanchett attended the New York premiere of movie “Blue Jasmine” with a vintage Balenciaga pastel pink floral dress. She looked elegant and feminine in this pastel pink dress. Patel colors are big trends in recent years, How do you like her dress color? LunaDress has got lots of nice pink prom dresses recently.  Be prom queen with a nice pastel pink prom dress from LunaDress.

Cate Blanchett


Embrace white dresses in summer

Keeping refreshing in summer is the dream of many girls. White dresses, as well as black dresses, are must haves for many women. The romantic little white dresses frequently appeared in the street snaps of many fashion icons. White color goes well with any other color. So it will be quite easy to find accessories to match with your white dress. Thus, you can make full use of your existing accessories to create different summer styles with one white dress!!

white dress

Here are three wonderful LunaDress white dresses for different occasions.

This glamorous organza jewel sleeveless bridesmaid dress is quite suitable for petite ladies. The chic and dramatic little flowers evenly interspersed throughout the dress, extremely romantic and sweet! If you wish to have better proportion in visual, you can tie a black ribbon around your waist.

Glamorous Organza Jewel Sleeveless Sheath/ Column Bridesmaid Dress

If you have got a formal dinner invitation, then you should have a look at this glamorous white long dress. This evening dress is made of high quality chiffon. The sexy V neck design will help you to show your extraordinary femininity. Do not wear too much accessories, just keep it simple, you will be the queen of the evening party!

Romantic Sleeveless A line Chiffon V Neck Evening Gown

High low dresses are very popular in recent years. They are suitable for both tall and short girls. This stunning white high-low dress is sure to make you stand out if you are attending a prom party. I prefer silver or white accessories to match with this dress.

Stunning A line Sleeveless Sweetheart Chiffon Prom Evening Dress

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3 Iconic Bags Named After Celebrity

The fashion designers always need muse to inspire their creative inspiration. A love story, a profound experience or the unique personal charm of a lady are all sources of design inspiration. Here, I will recommend you famous three bags which are named after three famous women in the history.

Hermes Kelly Bag

Princess of Monaco – Grace Kelly had a legendary life. Before she married to the prince, she was a famous Hollywood actress. She was extremely beautiful and elegant. One thing that had been talked about most was her contribution to philanthropy.

Hermes Kelly Bag

At that time, Grace Kelly always used a Hermes bag to hide her slightly protruding abdomen. This bag was the famous Hermes saddle bag. She brought this bag with her for numerous events. This handbag was pushed to the cusp of fashion circles. The bag was improved by the bag designer since then. After the consent of the royal family of Monaco, this bag was renamed “Kelly Bag”.

Lady Dior

The famous princess Diana deserved worldwide admiration. She brought a Dior bag with her when she attended “Cezanne exhibition”. The bag was presented by former French president’s wife. She loved this bag so much and brought this bag with her in many occasions. She made this handbag become synonymous with “beautiful and charity”. n 1996, this bag was renamed “Lady Dior” after the consent of Diana. “Lady Dior” became very popular then.

Lady Dior

Hermes Birkin Bag

Jane Birkin is an uninhibited and charming woman. She does not have beautiful teeth, but she love to smile. She does not have chubby breast, but she always wore deep V-neck clothes and does not care about what other people say about her.

Hermes Birkin Bag

In 1984, the new mother Jane Birkin encountered Hermes CEO Jean-Louis Dumas. She complained that there wasn’t a satisfied bulk bag for her to load milk bottles and diapers. Thus, Jean designed a soft black leather handbag for her. A new classic bag – Hermes Birkin Bag was born.

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Impressive Little Black Dress Images In History

Little black dress, designed by Gabrielle Chanel in 1926, has been popular for nearly a century. Many famous female stars were fan of little black dresses in the last century. And they left us with many classic images. Let’s review the “little black dress moment” of the famous beautiful women in the last century.

Coco Chanel once said that the woman who wore black and white were always the most watched beauty. In fact, black is always the favorite color of Coco Chanel. The legendary fashion woman shocked the world with her own brand.

Little black dress

The blonde image of Jean Harlow was very unique and impressive in the 1930s. She is one of the sexiest female stars at that time. Time passed so long, her beauty is still amazing. Look this black dress image of Jean, in addition to words like “invincible” and “amazing”, you can’t find any other words to describe her.


Rita Hayworth is a very outstanding star in 1940s. Her delicate curls and sexy figure made her the sweetheart lover in dreams of many men at that time. Her little black dress image was also very charming. The chest of this dress was made ​​into conical shape which was quite popular then. The black long gloves matched well with his dress. Until now, strapless black dress and long gloves still appear together on the fashion stage, they become a classic retro mix.


In 1950, Marilyn Monroe wore a classic little black dress in the film “The Asphalt Jungle”. She appeared for only 15 minutes in this film, but she caught the eyes of the audience. Marilyn Monroe was so charming that luxury dresses would be significantly redundant on her. Only the simple but quite elegant little black dress would show her beauty to the extreme.


I have to say that the female stars in the last century are so amazing. Their beauty is completely natural. Look at the little black dress of Tippi Hedren, I think that only the photographers would know how charming she was at that time!


In 1994, Princess Diana visited London with a little black dress of Christina Stamboulian. The beautiful black dress made the Princess more elegant and charming.

Princess Diana in black dress

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Skills on choosing occasion dresses according to body shape

If you are a lady who frequently attends business parties or fashion parties, you must pay attention to your own dressing styles. Choosing a dress which suits your body shape and highlight your unique temperament is not that easy. Here are some skills on choosing special occasion dresses.

If you have a round figure, don’t worry, as long as you pay attention to some details, you can still be charming and feminine. Soft fabrics like silk are very elegant and feminine, however, these kinds of fabrics will expose weaknesses of you figure, hard fabrics will make you look thinner, taffeta is a very good fabric for round girls. About the prints on your dress, the smaller the prints are, the better the effects will be. Big prints have strong amplification effects. At last, choose a good neckline, V-neck or sweetheart is very good for big girls.

Luxury Taffeta Sweetheart Dress

If you have a flat body, you should pay attention to the ornaments on the dress. Bold three-dimensional ornaments will help cover up the deficiencies of flat bodies. The shoulders, back and chest are some places that you must pay attention to if you are a girl who has flat figure, you’d better choose clothes which have some three-dimensional decorations on the chest or shoulders.

Perfect Tulle A line Prom Evening Dress

Off-shoulder dresses are also very good choices, the shoulders and neckline are two of the most charming places for flat girls, you can wear strapless or off shoulder dresses, or you can apply glitter decoration on the collarbones. Soft fabrics will solve problems that flat girl has, since soft fabrics can form natural folds and make you look more well-developed. You may find many off shoulder dresses at

Sheath/ Column With Ruching Cocktail Dresses

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