Party fashion: What to wear with a party dress in winter

It’s party season now! Keeping warm and stylish on the party is the dream of all people. While men wear suits, ladies almost always wear a dress. If you wish to keep warm and cozy, you need to wear something warm like a coat or wrap over your stunning party dress. Many women are afraid that the outerwear would hide their beautiful party dress and will reduce their charm. Many fantastic dresses have been ruined by outerwear choices: lousy cardigans, too-casual jackets, pashminas. Here are some ideas for you if you don’t know what to wear with your dress.

Many formal gowns or dresses are strapless or include narrow straps that provide little coverage for the wearer’s shoulders, arms, and neck. Fur or faux fur wraps are an excellent way to turn a strapless formal gown into an ideal winter gown. Fur warms the neck and shoulders and gives an air of luxury to an entire ensemble. Furs typically come in shades of gray, black, brown, or white. These colors go well with many colors and styles of strapless gowns.


If you will not be spending much time outside, opt for a cashmere wrap instead of a traditional winter coat. When wrapped around the upper body, they provide warmth, yet their short length allows your cocktail dress to remain the center of attention. If your dress is a bold color, choose a neutral-colored wrap. However, if your dress is a neutral color, select a cashmere wrap in a vibrant color. View tons of 2015 party dresses at


A warm coat would be your first choice if you are going to stay long in chilly air. You may consider wearing a retro A–line coat. Taylor Swift showed us how to wear coat with dress perfectly. Her pure white woolen coat flattered well with her stunning gold party dress. The coat acted as the as the perfect blank canvas for the luxury party gown.

Taylor Swift

A tux style jacket is versatile enough to throw on over a fancy dress, and you can get extra mileage out of it by wearing it with slim black cigarette pants and simple black heels. The tailored piece keeps the look feeling chic and polished, while offering a modern take on Yves Saint Laurent’s Le Smoking look. Traditional black is the best investment as it’s the easiest to wear with many colors.



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Prom trend to try: Baby doll dresses

Many girls have belly fat. Opt for a baby doll dress if you want to hide your belly. The empire waist design of the baby doll dress will solve your problem. Baby doll dress started to become popular in 1960s. This dress style has found its way back into fashion decade after decade. The baby doll dress can be both sweet and sexy. They are loose-fitting enough to keep you cool.

What is baby doll dress?

What makes a dress a baby doll? One of the key characteristics is a raised waistline to just below the bust. Sometimes the baby doll dress is known as an empire line dress. However, baby doll dresses tend to be shorter and more flared than empire line dresses. Baby doll dress is feminine, and flirty, ideal for those days when you are feeling a bit bloated. It usually skims gracefully though curves accentuating your best assets like a prominent breast or a great pair of legs.


How to choose baby doll dress?

The baby doll dress flatters many body types. However, the wrong fabric or misplaced gathers at the stomach can, unfortunately, create an undesirable, chubby look. Additionally, the hemline is also an important consideration. The hem of the dress should be above the knee in order to minimize a visual “cutting” of the body if you are shorter or petite girl. You can wear a longer length if you are tall.


How to wear baby doll dress?

First, you should choose right underwear. Proper underwear that holds everything in place can make a big difference to your overall look. If you want to wear a baby doll dress with a deep plunging neckline choose a push-up bra to enhance your assets, this will drive attention away from ‘problem’ areas and will help the effect of the hourglass figure. High heels usually go very well with baby doll dresses. Pair your dress with eye-catching high heels.


Tips on wearing baby doll dresses

  1. Do not wear a too short dress if you do not want to look tarty.
  2. Dresses with prints are perfect for tall girls. If you are short, choose dress with only one color.
  3. You should wear appropriate make up and heels to avoid the “pregnant” look.
  4. If you have a small bust, opt for dress with a different bust color.

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