Embrace white dresses in summer

Keeping refreshing in summer is the dream of many girls. White dresses, as well as black dresses, are must haves for many women. The romantic little white dresses frequently appeared in the street snaps of many fashion icons. White color goes well with any other color. So it will be quite easy to find accessories to match with your white dress. Thus, you can make full use of your existing accessories to create different summer styles with one white dress!!

white dress

Here are three wonderful LunaDress white dresses for different occasions.

This glamorous organza jewel sleeveless bridesmaid dress is quite suitable for petite ladies. The chic and dramatic little flowers evenly interspersed throughout the dress, extremely romantic and sweet! If you wish to have better proportion in visual, you can tie a black ribbon around your waist.

Glamorous Organza Jewel Sleeveless Sheath/ Column Bridesmaid Dress

If you have got a formal dinner invitation, then you should have a look at this glamorous white long dress. This evening dress is made of high quality chiffon. The sexy V neck design will help you to show your extraordinary femininity. Do not wear too much accessories, just keep it simple, you will be the queen of the evening party!

Romantic Sleeveless A line Chiffon V Neck Evening Gown

High low dresses are very popular in recent years. They are suitable for both tall and short girls. This stunning white high-low dress is sure to make you stand out if you are attending a prom party. I prefer silver or white accessories to match with this dress.

Stunning A line Sleeveless Sweetheart Chiffon Prom Evening Dress

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Look Taller with Ripped Jeans and Pointed High Heels

Many girls always wish to have slender and charming legs. However, not every girl has the same impressive figure and charming model-like legs. Short girls always worried about their height. In fact, you can still make you legs appear slender and tempting if you have worn right clothes. For petite girls, ripped Jeans and pointed high-heeled shoes are perfect. Many petite female stars wore ripped Jeans and pointed high heels to make then look tall and slim.

Pointed shoes and skinny jeans can lengthen the lower body lines and stretch the leg lines visually, easily create “long leg illusion”! What’s more, ripped Jeans are breathable and can keep you cool in the hot air. Pointed high-heeled shoes are always favorites for many fashion icons and female stars. We can see them wear pointed high heels in many different occasions. High heels are especially important for short girls. They can increase your height immediately. Browse petite dresses online at http://www.lunadress.co.uk/petite-dresses-c368/.

Ripped Jeans and Pointed High Heels

Kim Kardashian is only 159cm. She always has amazing fashion taste and dressing skills. She masterly used the vintage blue ripped Jeans and the pointed high heels to divert people’s attention. I have seen her wear ripped Jeans and high heels for so many times.

Kim Kardashian

Here are some more examples.

Karlie Kloss

Karlie Kloss wears Ashish ‘Vogue Jeans’

Fashion Icon in Ripped Jeans and Pointed High Heels

Fashion Icon in Ripped Jeans and Pointed High Heels

Karlie Kloss

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3 Iconic Bags Named After Celebrity

The fashion designers always need muse to inspire their creative inspiration. A love story, a profound experience or the unique personal charm of a lady are all sources of design inspiration. Here, I will recommend you famous three bags which are named after three famous women in the history.

Hermes Kelly Bag

Princess of Monaco – Grace Kelly had a legendary life. Before she married to the prince, she was a famous Hollywood actress. She was extremely beautiful and elegant. One thing that had been talked about most was her contribution to philanthropy.

Hermes Kelly Bag

At that time, Grace Kelly always used a Hermes bag to hide her slightly protruding abdomen. This bag was the famous Hermes saddle bag. She brought this bag with her for numerous events. This handbag was pushed to the cusp of fashion circles. The bag was improved by the bag designer since then. After the consent of the royal family of Monaco, this bag was renamed “Kelly Bag”.

Lady Dior

The famous princess Diana deserved worldwide admiration. She brought a Dior bag with her when she attended “Cezanne exhibition”. The bag was presented by former French president’s wife. She loved this bag so much and brought this bag with her in many occasions. She made this handbag become synonymous with “beautiful and charity”. n 1996, this bag was renamed “Lady Dior” after the consent of Diana. “Lady Dior” became very popular then.

Lady Dior

Hermes Birkin Bag

Jane Birkin is an uninhibited and charming woman. She does not have beautiful teeth, but she love to smile. She does not have chubby breast, but she always wore deep V-neck clothes and does not care about what other people say about her.

Hermes Birkin Bag

In 1984, the new mother Jane Birkin encountered Hermes CEO Jean-Louis Dumas. She complained that there wasn’t a satisfied bulk bag for her to load milk bottles and diapers. Thus, Jean designed a soft black leather handbag for her. A new classic bag – Hermes Birkin Bag was born.

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