Impressive Little Black Dress Images In History

Little black dress, designed by Gabrielle Chanel in 1926, has been popular for nearly a century. Many famous female stars were fan of little black dresses in the last century. And they left us with many classic images. Let’s review the “little black dress moment” of the famous beautiful women in the last century.

Coco Chanel once said that the woman who wore black and white were always the most watched beauty. In fact, black is always the favorite color of Coco Chanel. The legendary fashion woman shocked the world with her own brand.

Little black dress

The blonde image of Jean Harlow was very unique and impressive in the 1930s. She is one of the sexiest female stars at that time. Time passed so long, her beauty is still amazing. Look this black dress image of Jean, in addition to words like “invincible” and “amazing”, you can’t find any other words to describe her.


Rita Hayworth is a very outstanding star in 1940s. Her delicate curls and sexy figure made her the sweetheart lover in dreams of many men at that time. Her little black dress image was also very charming. The chest of this dress was made ​​into conical shape which was quite popular then. The black long gloves matched well with his dress. Until now, strapless black dress and long gloves still appear together on the fashion stage, they become a classic retro mix.


In 1950, Marilyn Monroe wore a classic little black dress in the film “The Asphalt Jungle”. She appeared for only 15 minutes in this film, but she caught the eyes of the audience. Marilyn Monroe was so charming that luxury dresses would be significantly redundant on her. Only the simple but quite elegant little black dress would show her beauty to the extreme.


I have to say that the female stars in the last century are so amazing. Their beauty is completely natural. Look at the little black dress of Tippi Hedren, I think that only the photographers would know how charming she was at that time!


In 1994, Princess Diana visited London with a little black dress of Christina Stamboulian. The beautiful black dress made the Princess more elegant and charming.

Princess Diana in black dress

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