Skills on choosing occasion dresses according to body shape

If you are a lady who frequently attends business parties or fashion parties, you must pay attention to your own dressing styles. Choosing a dress which suits your body shape and highlight your unique temperament is not that easy. Here are some skills on choosing special occasion dresses.

If you have a round figure, don’t worry, as long as you pay attention to some details, you can still be charming and feminine. Soft fabrics like silk are very elegant and feminine, however, these kinds of fabrics will expose weaknesses of you figure, hard fabrics will make you look thinner, taffeta is a very good fabric for round girls. About the prints on your dress, the smaller the prints are, the better the effects will be. Big prints have strong amplification effects. At last, choose a good neckline, V-neck or sweetheart is very good for big girls.

Luxury Taffeta Sweetheart Dress

If you have a flat body, you should pay attention to the ornaments on the dress. Bold three-dimensional ornaments will help cover up the deficiencies of flat bodies. The shoulders, back and chest are some places that you must pay attention to if you are a girl who has flat figure, you’d better choose clothes which have some three-dimensional decorations on the chest or shoulders.

Perfect Tulle A line Prom Evening Dress

Off-shoulder dresses are also very good choices, the shoulders and neckline are two of the most charming places for flat girls, you can wear strapless or off shoulder dresses, or you can apply glitter decoration on the collarbones. Soft fabrics will solve problems that flat girl has, since soft fabrics can form natural folds and make you look more well-developed. You may find many off shoulder dresses at

Sheath/ Column With Ruching Cocktail Dresses

No matter you are round girl or flat girl, you can always find a suitable dress for yourself. Lunadress has launched many new special occasion dresses for 2014, all are good qualified and stylish. Just click at to find your dress, I’m sure Lunadress will never let you down.